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Online Roulette has been a game that has attracted players for centuries. Not only does it offer ample betting opportunities, but is constantly evolving to meet the new player demand. Plenty of strategies have been formulated around this table game. These aim to give players an edge over the house, while also showing them the possibilities of gameplay on offer. However, even all the strategies and free online Roulette games do not compare to finding the right operator on which to test your skills. We at offer a list of new online casino sites where you can place your chips on roulette. Furthermore, we also go through a few noteworthy elements of this famed game. So regardless of your experience or skill level, we are sure that our guide is going to lead down the right path.

Brief History Of Roulette

To fully understand the allure and intrigue of online Roulette gameplay, you should take a step back in time and understand the meaning of Roulette first of all. Meaning ‘little wheel’, this casino game originated in Paris in 1655 and was commercialised by 1779. The inventor, French Mathematician, Blaise Pascal, subsequently created the original Roulette system while setting out to create a potential-motion machine or device.

Taking off, in terms of popularity, the casino game of Roulette has never waned. It tends to grow ever-steady with each generation. A great drawing card to this simple yet intense game is the fact that it appeals to both the novice and pro. Playing Roulette online is all of the thrills of land-based Roulette, the type that holds a legacy, mixed with the real-time real money advantages of online gaming. Throw into the fold a fun-filled game of Live Roulette online, and you’ll quickly find a lively game of engaging online Roulette just as riveting as if it was taking place behind the walls of a prestigious Roulette club.

Having been a staple favourite amongst casino players, Roulette caters towards a whole range of casino players and continues to recruit new fans day in and day out. Though the history of Roulette is certainly rich and long, the online Roulette versions hold a legacy dating back to 1995. Ever since, there tends to be a rather quick and consistent upgrading of systems, operators, security systems and banking process upgrades too. All of which entail a move towards creating the most optimised gaming experience from start to finish, cashouts and withdrawals included.

Online Roulette Bonuses

Something that stands out for the various online Roulette developments will always be the various offerings that include an online Roulette bonus. Of course, it is common-place to find a deal or two thrown into the gaming experience at any casino, online or land-based – but what is not common-place is the wide range of varying bonus offerings that are made available to players. Some of which follow a standard basis, but they will throw in their unique twist, to make it appealing to their particular niche of players. After all, it is hard to argue with the notion that when you see a promotion bonus that favours your bankroll, you are likely to signup to that casino. Otherwise, the competitive nature of the online casino industry would negate this important fact. Not only do we keep you posted with the latest free spins no deposit win real money, but we also let you know about the latest Blackjack promotions. Some regularly seen bonus action, tied to the play of Roulette online machines include the following types below.


Turning out to be quite the popular type of bonus offered, the cashback bonus is perfect for various bonus giveaways. Be it a new customer welcome bonus offer or a token of thanks for a loyal, regular customer, then this cashback offer allows for the player to keep playing their hand. With a cashback offer, you can continue whirling about with any given game, as well as get a play in while seeking out and enjoying the running for top gameplay moments and more. Quite simply, when a cashback bonus is offered on an online Roulette game, then you get to take up gameplay by either taking part in a welcome bonus incentivised player journey. Or by taking up an exclusive deal that offers players a cashback voucher or bonus as a reward of sorts. Once able to make use of the cashback bonus, the various gaming in question can continue undisturbed.

No Deposit Roulette Bonus

Offering players, the opportunity to get some gameplay in, while offering a zero-risk gaming experience to boot is exceedingly difficult to say ‘no’ to. The fact that every player can take up the no deposit bonus codes for Roulette when traversing through their favourite casino gaming platform means optimised gaming. When an operator offers as a bonus a no deposit Roulette bonus deal, this often means a wagering requirement is in place. Particularly the case for all no deposit welcome bonuses. The reason the wagering requirement makes sense with any Roulette online promotion offer is so that the risk factor for the operator is diminished somewhat. They want to be sure that the player is invested in their casino and is likely to stay on board when the offer has been used up. Consider it a form of required security.

At JooYoungSEO we’d like to keep you up with the current promotions available. Check out our section for new casino sites uk no deposit bonus!

Betting Options

All online Roulette table games offer players a grand ol’ time around the big wheel. With its inside and outside bets, the various betting odds and the excitement of the other types of odds Roulette gameplay affords players, it is quite obvious why players spend hours upon hours playing Roulette online. By taking up the different bets available for Roulette gaming, you can strategically find your way to a rather optimal place. Gaming tactics mean that is not limited to only betting in one place, this creates better RTP for players. It also means that with the right strategy, you can employ various betting options. Not only does this ensure safer bets, but it also makes it more likely that you can improve your bankroll. The Law of Averages tends to apply here, as the more bets players take part in, the more chance for turning those bets placed into winners.

Announced Bets

This type of Roulette online betting is defined as the following:

Also known as ‘French Bets’

Takes place in the oval-shaped section on the Roulette table, affectionately known as ‘the racetrack’

Played away from the main Roulette table, to avoid confusion with various chips placed in betting areas

Announced or Call Bets, as they are also sometimes called, are great in that they offer even more variety of odds for players to take up and enjoy during gameplay. By increasing the odds of playing, online Roulette free gameplay or real money gameplay is made even more exciting, as the thrill of the chase is compounded upon as the player chases that ever-elusive win on great odds.

Outside Bets

Also offering Roulette online players a wealth of options for betting while playing, the outside bets for Roulette are indeed legitimate and genuinely intriguing when wanting to up the stakes of any given Roulette online game. Playing the outside betting options means that you will need to place your bets in the area on the online Roulette table that is characterised as the boxes presented outside of the grid area on the table. By placing your bets on these blocks outside of the grid area, you essentially convey to the dealer and all fellow players that you are proceeding to place an outside bet on the online Roulette game in question. Outside bets are perfect to up the excitement of any game, as well as to ensure all odds on the game are optimised by taking into account the overall experience to be had by all players in general.

Inside Bets

These ‘Inside Bets’ for a Roulette online game, are a result of placing bets on the Roulette table where the grid is in view and full play. All betting placed within the grid offers players these inside bets to ensure a better free online Roulette game. Or better yet, real money online Roulette gaming. An incredibly simple yet popular game is always going to be the online Roulette offering, and how to play Roulette versus how to win at online Roulette gaming begins with mastering the ‘Inside Bets’ aspect of online Roulette UK gameplay. Players who are trying to win big, often place bets in this section as it offers a 36:1 win ratio, on the European table, for a single number bet.

Hot Or Cold Numbers

Even though the natural premises for most newbie players is that all numbers on the free online Roulette wheel are sure to come out. However, that is far from the truth. The fact is, there is no predictive strategy, therefore, chances of all the numbers coming out in a 36 spin is very low. That is why roulette online free experienced players create and adapt their best online Roulette strategies based on the hot and cold numbers. You’ll find that in many sessions, certain numbers will not appear, even up to 200 spins. These are known as the online Roulette wheel cold numbers and they can only be seen either on the game screen or if you keep a record and check every so often. Knowing the hot online Roulette numbers can also make it easier to place mobile bets based on the possibility of their repeat – which tends to happen more often than not. Try to play Roulette online free to see this statement in action.

Choosing A Table Minimum To Play

Perhaps initially perceived in a review that could be regarded as subjective and wholly up to the player at hand. Choosing a table minimum is a top priority for many players. This depends on whether you are an aggressive online Roulette player or rather someone that prefers to wade into the game playing waters before submerging yourself into a game. Either way, it also relates to how to win at Roulette.

High Stakes

Going for high stakes in an online Roulette real money game will result in possible high wins. It is all quite simple. High stakes equal to high risk and returns. Players who opt for this gameplay aren’t interested in free roulette online. They are strategists that don’t often play haphazardly. It is all about having the right strategy and mind frame. Emotions are removed as they can be distracting when aiming to improve your chances of a decent win. Most high stakes online Roulette tables start at a table minimum of £10. This also gives you an indication of your initial bankroll, if you are hoping to have more than just 3 rounds. Again, this option often appeals to players who feel more ready to handle the game and not let the frustration of losing get in the way.

Low Stakes

Those that prefer to play on the fringes of online Roulette risk may opt for a more moderate approach, by choosing a gameplay style that is more or less safe. Offering the options of being able to select the mode of playing that is suited to a player’s budget. Playing online Roulette for real money is about a methodical approach. Small bets are also a step up from playing online Roulette demo mode, as they offer you higher chances of making mistakes, without causing frustration. You can start with a low bankroll of £25 and slowly work your way up. Most of the bets in this section can start from 1p or 10p. To upgrade from this, you can also choose tables that offer a starting bet of 50p. Alternating your way between this is also one way of preparing yourself for the high stakes tables.

Whether a high hand with high betting odds is your preferred method, or by taking it slow and steady to a breaking pace of low risk in odds too. The best table minimum that tends to bring in great online Roulette experiences oftentimes stems from the place of taking those risks accordingly.

European vs American Roulette

This is often known as the single zero versus the double zero. Any Roulette online player worth their weight in gold will know, when it comes to professional gaming and knowing the ins and outs of Roulette online gaming, there are the two main variations of gameplay that players often need to decide on. There is the European Roulette online game and then there is the American Roulette online game. Although essentially the same game, in theory, and in practice – there is, however, one pivotal difference between each of these two Roulette games.

European Roulette offers players a game that has a 1:38 odds ratio of winning. The Roulette wheel begins on the ‘0’ number and there is only one ‘0’ in play for European Roulette gameplay. American Roulette gaming offers a ratio of winnings chances of 1:39. This is due to the double zero element that is in play with American Roulette gaming. The House Edge for American Roulette is higher than that of European Roulette, which is perhaps also why players tend to gravitate towards the European Roulette style in some cases. The fact the odds are higher for American Roulette gameplay means that high wins are more prone to accompany this style of gaming.

Many players do not know the difference between the Roulette offerings, and accordingly do not strategize for the best Roulette online experience and fall short accordingly. However, when playing with top-notch live dealers and taking up regular online Roulette gaming, there is ample chance to gain experience. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure you employ the correct strategy. Some websites of European online Roulette payout a 50% zero return. This means that if the ball lands on zero and you have not covered it in a bet, you still get 50% of your bet. However, this only applies to bets placed at the bottom, namely, red/black, odd/even etc.

Live Dealer Roulette vs RNG Roulette

Strictly speaking of Live dealer Roulette action, it is of little wonder that a professional and friendly live dealer can only improve the overall casino experience for any avid online Roulette player. By playing hours on end on your favourite online Roulette platform, you can quickly get a feel for which of the live dealers is more your cup of tea and opt to play with that live dealer time and again.

The RNG Roulette gameplay is simply this: A Random Number Generator style of gaming, the RNG offers a seamless flow of gameplay, as the RNG is automated and removes all chances of human error. What a player substitutes for efficiency and robust action, they will lack in terms of engagement and the real-life feel of a casino experience. However, in their favour, you will find that it gives you ample time to place strategic bets. You are not propelled by the various stages of live table game betting. You can take your time and see which online Roulette strategy works best and amend your betting if you are not content. This way you can think properly and not get distracted by the various chats or winner announcements.

There is no real way to determine which of the two variations of gameplay is the best. If you’re planning on playing on your mobile device, it’s probably best to go for an RNG variant, as even the best mobile casinos can sometimes be little bit slow when it comes to streaming. If you do want to play live casino games on a mobile device however, we recommend that you take a look at our mobile casino page. There you’ll be able to find live casino android apps, which allow you to play Roulette live on your phone. It depends on the player. If you are in the mood to engage with other online Roulette players and the dealer, then you can take part in the social gaming of liver dealer bets. However, you also have to note that these tend to be fast bets, with only mere seconds allocated for you to place your bets.

Usually, the format of stimulating players to place their bets relied on the light systems. Green is for when the table is ready to accept bets. Amber is when the bets are about to close and any amendments to your bets can be made. Red is when placing your bets is closed and you will find that you can’t make any bets at this stage. This speed is good for those who can handle the slightly pressurised nature of live casino games. The best way is to simply watch the game for a while and plan what strategy to employ. There is no need to place a bet for every single round and you can spend that time chatting with the dealer.

Outdated Online Roulette Strategies

A game that has lasted this long in humankind’s history is bound to have a few varying strategies of play and rules for engagement. These are often passed down to fellow players and punters throughout the many years. The reason so many strategies exist is that some of the software providers have created various versions, e.g lightning roulette. Although some of these archaic online Roulette strategies employed for optimised Roulette gaming may have passed its sell-by date, in terms of it no longer being viable with online Roulette style of gaming, most of the old school Roulette strategies are still used – with little or no success.

However, new online Roulette players who are looking for strategies are bound to come across the infamous strategies. These often fall and cause you to deplete your bankroll sooner rather than later. They are outdated because they no longer apply, or apply for only a short time. It is also another reason why there are so many online Roulette strategies to employ in a single game, to avoid making mistakes. Fortunately, a lot of gamblers have been happy to share these fallible methods so that new players do not fall for their obvious money-draining nature.

Research and checking out online Roulette reviews are the most powerful methods you can employ to ensure you don’t end up being a frustrated gambler. Make sure to also read our online casino reviews UK, in order to find a suitable casino to play at. Below we at show you the weakest strategies not worthy of being used.


The Martingale system is one of the older and more original strategies created around this game of the ‘little wheel’. What this strategy entails is doubling up on bets after every loss. It purports to be a system that will lead to a win eventually. This betting system or strategy does not work well for someone that is having a particularly bad betting time and is losing on every spin. Should the player be adept at losing, then this doubling up method is most definitely not advised for them. The truth of a matter is, you are betting on the hope of a different online Roulette outcome, e.g that red will follow black. However, if you keep doubling up, you will soon erode your bankroll. Instead, if black is coming out, then bet on that instead, because there are instances where over 15 black have come up in a row.


This Roulette online betting strategy is another weakling. What it entails is taking the sequence as presented by the Fibonacci Sequence in mathematics, where a number equals the sum of the previous two numbers. In other words, the pattern below:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

Once you start to place your numbers where you would like to bet, by using this strategy, the plan would be to eventually land those winning numbers based on the ratio of life in general. However, it again leans itself toward the gambler’s fallacy. The losses often outweigh the short lived wins.


This specific Roulette playing strategy is also one that some players have found to be a waste of time. The D’Alembert, although quite similar to the online Roulette Martingale system, in that they are both negative progression types of strategies. The D’Alembert however only increases bet sizes gradually with losses while decreasing the bet sizes gradually with wins. The premise for this online Roulette betting system lies in the belief that things will eventually ‘even-out’ on either side. In other words, for betting red/black, the run of red can’t last forever and will be followed by an equally long run of ‘black’. However, this again is a fallacy because you might just end up with another long run or black, therefore, increasing your losses.


This particular betting strategy is a system referred to as a split sequence strategy. This strategy is also a negative progression system and makes use of even number bets. By using the Labouchere betting system, players can place bets when there is a winning number in mind. Bear this number in mind and work towards getting this as you plan your sequence. Again, like the Martingale, the wins in the start are always outdone by the various huge losses.

The truth of the matter is simple! Do not only rely on one strategy for online Roulette, instead employ a variety. Use the RGN version of the game to get experience if free Roulette does not exist. Try not to play for long hours as that is how a losing streak starts. Variety also helps to keep you alert as using a single strategy and losing can lead to frustration, which increases reckless play.

Is Roulette the game for you?

Roulette is one of the most classic games in the world, but it’s not for everyone. Some people like the simplicity of the game, whereas others get bored quickly and want to move and try other things. Luckily, there are plenty of games available at all UK licensed casinos.

You can try your luck at the slot machines for example. We’ve collected loads of offers for free slots win real money no deposit required, where you get a great chance aat trying out some of the best games.

Another popular game is scratch cards. We’ve written a whole guide about these, which you can read for more information. There you’ll also find casinos that offer free scratch cards that you can try before you decide to bet real money when playing.

Benefits Of An Online Roulette Strategy

Working with an online Roulette strategy is a great way to hone in on those Roulette playing skills while giving them skills to play some purpose and some direction. By employing strategies for optimised online Roulette gaming, you can quickly see the prevalence of quality Roulette online games, as well as the necessity for great casino gaming platforms and operators overall. Playing with the first thought being to have fun, this is the first step for all casino gaming moments. Whether you’re trying to learn how to win on slot machines or Roulette – remember that you should play the game to have fun first hand, and not to win lots of money!

We also have a great guide for Blackjack Strategies. Take a look at it today if you are interested in playing some Blackjack, as you’ll also find tons of great blackjack promotions!

Gambler’s Fallacy In Online Roulette

This refers to the age-old viewpoint that all things tend towards an expected end. The Gambler’s Fallacy is that eventually, the gaming will even out to bring about wins. The fallacy is that should a player be losing their hand more often than not, they will soon find their luck changing to that of a winning hand. For obvious reasons, this is indeed a fallacy, as you can never predict without a doubt the outcomes of any given bet, let alone while utilising certain online Roulette strategies and more. This is not the ideal way to download and play Roulette online.

Online Roulette FAQ

Is online Roulette rigged?

Funnily enough, this question is perhaps one of the more popular and common questions. And rightly so. Should anyone be wanting to part with some cash to play their hand at any given game, it is only the wise thing to do, to question the safety and security and not-to-mention, the fairness of such gameplay. So, yes, you should ask if online Roulette is rigged. And the answer will always be a resounding NO when the online Roulette portal in question is a reputable casino gaming space, complete with Gambling Licence and eCogra certification throughout.

What is online Roulette?

Simply put, Online Roulette is the online offering of the Roulette game. Roulette is an old and classic casino game that requires the use of a Roulette wheel and a Roulette table, whereby players will place their bets and play on.

Does a Roulette no deposit bonus have an expiry date?

You would need to check with the casino operator in question and scour their terms and conditions to make sure that there are no expiration dates for any given Roulette bonus. Whether it is a no deposit bonus, a cashback bonus, a match deposit bonus, or more, the rules of engagement and the terms and conditions will need to be made clear upon all mention of the bonus in question. Expiry dates are also to be included in the Ts and Cs of the bonus accordingly.

Can I win real money on online Roulette?

Indeed, and Yes! You can most certainly win real money on online Roulette. All you will need to do is play a winning hand on the online Roulette game, fulfil any wagering requirements, then head over to the banking section of your gaming account and select withdrawal processes to ensure your real money wins ends up in the palm of your hands.

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