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An R Package CRAN Release: mboxr

An R Package CRAN Release: ezpickr

CRAN Release for ezpickr I have developed and released ezpickr (Seo & Choi, 2019) in the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) just few days ago. Please consult with the detailed package site for ezpickr if you would like to know more about this package. I will post a hands-on tutorial soon.

References Seo, J., & Choi, S. (2019). Ezpickr: Import various data file types as a rectangular form using a file picker dialogue box.

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Three Available Packages Specialized for Visually Impaired R Users There are three packages for the blind R users (Godfrey, Warren, Murrell, Bilton, & Sorge, 2019; Seo, 2017; Siegert & Williams, 2017).

Methods Creswell (2014) suggests a mixed methods study as a balanced methodology between qualitative and quantitative research.

Math Test The following shows an accessible Math created by R along with MathJax: